5 Advantages of Producing Regular Content for your Business

5 Advantages of Producing Regular Content for your Business

How often should you produce content for your business? It's a question you should ask yourself. Some businesses would like to produce content every day, while others might want to only produce once or twice a week. It's best to determine how often you can create content that keeps people coming back for more. With the time it takes to create content, the value of the content needs to be high. This blog focuses on the value of producing regular content for your business.

1. A Secondary Income

Creating regular content for your business can be more cost effective than paying for advertisements. This is especially true if you run an e-commerce site. If you produce regular content about a specific subject, such as popular dog breeds or kitchen gadgets, and you set up your blog on a popular website such as wordpress.com and monetize your blog with ads, then you may be surprised at how much money you can make.

The key is to be original. Try to approach your subject from a new perspective. This can be difficult and requires time. But if you show potential customers that you can offer something different then that is the best way to sell. It is of course also worth keeping in mind that your aim with this content is not to actually hard sell customers, it is to provide them value so they continue to click around and enjoy your brand which can convert into sales.

2. Increased SEO Rankings

As mentioned before, it is important to produce useful content for your potential customers as well as Google. Google likes new content and if you have regular blog posts, Google will also like to see that you are regularly updating your site.

Additionally, if you have a third party website running the show, and that website has links to your website then that will also give your new content some extra weighting in Google’s eyes, this is called backlinks. The more websites with domain authority that link to yours will increase your search ranking on Google as their algorithm sees it that if these websites are linking to your content, it must be good.

3. Increased Site Traffic

This is a no brainer and probably the main reason why you should come up with a content strategy for your brand. People love regular content. If you get into a schedule of creating meaningful and thought out blog posts then people will keep coming back to consume them.

A bonus tip for a regular content producer is to make a signup section somewhere where you can send these readers regular emails on new content. Again, you want to use this as a way to alert them to new content you have produced and not to be overly selling but it is a great opportunity to keep your brand on their minds so when they are in the market for what you offer they will be ready to buy from you.

4. Increase in Brand Recognition

Brands which produce regular content get noticed more and this ensures that they stay more firmly in the minds of their customers. This is true of both B2B and B2C brands. The same can be said of product and service providers. If you publish regular content people are more likely to remember you when they need what you provide!

You are also more likely to benefit from word of mouth which is incredibly difficult to measure. If a visitor to your site really got value from their content, there is a high chance that they also have friends in the same industry also looking to consume content like this. They could share it on LinkedIn or it could come up in conversation. You now even more eyeballs on your content due to this network effect!

5. Increased Customer Loyalty

Customers love to read entertaining and informative content. Regular content also introduces people to your improved products, expanded service offerings and changes to your company.

Of course, there are some downsides to producing regular content. These have to do with writing and time. You will need to have time to write regular content, especially if you are going for the interactive option. This is time that you may have to give up from your main business. It doesn't have to be that way though. Using AI and a tool like Content Villain and our Full Blog Creator will give you the ability to produce this meaningful content at scale in a way which is cheaper and faster than ever before.

Take your time when planning content. Having regular content schedule days is a good thing and will keep you in a pattern. People like regular schedule. It may take some time to get noticed when producing new content for the first time but your hard work will eventually pay off.


Producing regular content is a great way of keeping your customers interested, helping Google rank you higher in search results and generating more sales. Everyone should produce more content for their business but it is an area which is often neglected. I'll let you into a little secret with this blog post. I created it entirely using AI technology from Content Villain. Most of it from the Full Blog Writer we have just released and a few touch ups here and there with the help of our Blog Intros model.

If you are looking for a way to create content for your business or brand in a quick and cost-effective manner, look to signup for a Content Villain plan today!