Create Course Descriptions with Artificial Intelligence!

Create Course Descriptions with Artificial Intelligence!

Selling courses online is becoming more and more popular. With the recent pandemic, more people are learning new skills and looking into new career paths. You could say it is the golden age of learning and the Internet has made courses more accessible than ever before. There are also more people sharing their unique skills with the rest of the world. Coming up with a course and creating it is one thing, describing it and advertising it is another entirely and something that artificial intelligence can definitely help with.

Here at Content Villain, we were asked to create a model which could come up with course descriptions for customers who were selling courses on Udemy and elsewhere. The main points of what we built dive into the expertise of the creator, the substance of the course and how it could benefit you. It was a ton of fun to create and is now live for all Content Villain users to enjoy on the web application.

In the Content Villain web app, you can get the Course description model either by filtering for Long Form Content or Product Descriptions. Alternatively, you can find the model just by typing Course in the search box. Once you have found it, you will see a few different inputs that need your attention. From the example above, I am doing a demonstration regarding a course about AI copywriting. You can see I am providing a minimal amount of content for the AI to work with. Let's see what the output looks like.

Here you can see a professional description for this AI copywriting course. The description goes over the key elements and tries to draw in the attention of the potential customer. You can use it as a foundation to add more detail and depth in the document view until you have something you are truly happy with. If you want to see more outputs, of course, just hit that button and you will get some more varations to choose from.

We hope you have fun using the Course Description model with Content Villain. If you have some suggestions for what we should build next, let us know! We love to help businesses solve real problems.