5 Tips to Write Successfully using Artificial Intelligence

5 Tips to Write Successfully using Artificial Intelligence

Using artificial intelligence to write your content is a great way to improve your writing skills. Artificial intelligence has the potential to do amazing things and will definitely have an impact on our lives in the future. But it is important to remember that artificial intelligence is not a replacement for human creativity. It is important to use artificial intelligence in a way that compliments and enhances human creativity. This blog has some great information on how to use artificial intelligence to improve your content output.

1. Garbage in, Garbage Out

The concept of garbage in, garbage out first came to prominence in programming and computing circles. The saying relates to your inputs and outputs. If you feed a computer garbage or rubbish, expect to receive the same in the output. The same relates to artificial intelligence and AI. To write successfully with artificial intelligence you need to really understand how text based AI works. I'd love to say to you all that this technology has the potential to take over the world. It does, but it isn't quite there yet. It is super smart, that is certain but it still just follows patterns. It takes influence from everything you throw at it. If you give an AI writing assistant poor quality, it will follow the pattern and output poor quality.

Similarly, if you are using AI writing assistants in a way where you think deeply about what you want to write prior to writing, you will have much more success. It is always good to think of these artificial intelligence based writing assistants as just that - assistants. They are not going to replace you but can make you a lot more productive and increase the quality and efficiency of your work. There is not going to be a single button to press to get a fully SEO optimized blog post. What is possible though is to turn a 5 hour blog writing process into 30 minutes. That 80%+ time save is where the potential of these tools really lies. Here's a challenge to end this point with, when you next use Content Villain, really think deeply about what you are trying to create and how the inputs can be crafted in a unique way. Chances are by doing this process, you will have a lot more success than you thought was possible previously if you were rushing the process.

2. Try Different Models

Don't be afraid to try different models and see how they perform to your needs. it is always surprising to us here at Content Villain when users tell us they have had great success with a specific model which they have been using in an unorthodox way. Our Microcopy model got a lot of love due to the ability to use it as a section expander and quasi rewriter prior to us building out these individual models separately. Now we have built in a proper section creator and have multiple rephrasers for you to experiment with in the web app. We pride ourselves at Content Villain of having more models than anyone else in the market and put simply, due to our business model of creating custom models for our clients. We are training and experimenting with this technology to a higher level than anyone else.

Every single model that we create is individually crafted, goes through a vigorous testing process and has to meet certain quality standards. Experimenting and pushing new features is very important to our ethos and letting you, our users experience all of this craziness is close to our heart. The feedback that comes from such experiments really helps us to shape the future of what we are doing. Another challenge for you to end this point, next time you log into the web app, open up 5 models that you have never used before. Try them out and see what sort of outputs you get, you may be surprised! Of course, if you do find one that you really like, star it to your favorites so you can always access it at the top of the dashboard or on the left side menu of every page.

3. Build a Custom Model

This technology is incredibly powerful if trained in the right way. All of our models are highly trained but we do so in a more generic fashion. We build out a product description model based on a variety of different products so that the model will then be able to replicate an awesome output for any product that a user puts as an input. This works great but sometimes you just need that little bit extra. A fully customized artificial intelligence model exclusively for your business can really help save you a lot of time and the possibilities are pretty much endless. We have built a lot of custom models and experimented a ton and are confident that we can build something which can save any business a ton of time in every niche.

One example which I like to share is how we have used existing data from a customer to modify a product description model to add in humorous elements and cat puns with their very specific cat based product line. This was great fun for us to work on and is saving them a lot of time as they continue to scale their website. We've also worked on creating models totally from scratch, from recipe and affirmation generators to NGO pitch emails and much more. If you are looking to save time and get something truly unique in regards to a bespoke and fully custom AI model for your business, get in touch today.

4. Edit as you Go

Editing is so important. I cannot stress this enough. Editing the content that the AI provides you as you continue to write is just so important for keeping it on the right track and for keeping the quality high. Think of your use of Content Villain like working for a newspaper. The AI is a junior staff member which is doing a lot of the heavy lifting and providing you most of the content that you can then put out into the public domain. All of the work of a junior has to go through the editor who is you. By editing this work, you control the way that your brand is perceived by the general public. You make the decisions on the way you want your brand to look and by taking the time to properly look through and assess the outputs that AI is providing you, you can manipulate and mold the quality and tone and keep it on track.

You might see a common theme starting to establish across these points. Take your time. AI powered writing assistants are not there to replace you, they are there to help you and getting into this mindset and understanding that they are an extension of your skills as a copywriter and marketer will ensure you get the most out of them. It really is that simple.

5. Ask for Help

This final point is one that I think needs to be addressed. There are a lot of AI content writing tools on the market which is great. Competition drives the whole landscape forward and makes things better for the consumer so it is a great scenario for users to be in. Not all of these tools are created equally however. Some will have poorer training than others, some will have worse user experiences and some may have more bugs. This is a dangerous thing because if you are new to this world and try one of these out and have a poor first experience then you may walk away completely. If someone brings up AI tools in conversation, you would say you have tried it and it is overhyped and the tools don't work. I get it, this can and does happen but education from our side needs to be better and we need to get the word out there that there are great tools and there are great advancements. Content Villain is at the front of innovator and driving the space forward.

We come from a background of solving problems. If you are having a problem, chances are others also have that problem. Get in touch with us and our friendly support will be only too happy to lend a helping hand. Alternatively, you can always become a member of our free community Facebook group. We like to hang out there with fellow users and bounce ideas around, show some cool outputs and share tips on how to get the best use of the product.

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There we have it, 5 useful tips on how to get the most out of an AI writing assistant. I hope that this post has been helpful for you and will enable you to get more out of your writing whilst using Content Villain. If you are on the edge or considering using a tool like this to save you time and energy whilst making you more productive and your quality output better, stop procrastinating and sign up today. Content Villain offers a 5 day free trial on all of our plans and our helpful team are always just a message away to ensure you have success with the product.