Content Writing Tools with API Access

Content Writing Tools with API Access

Everybody is looking for ways to save time and reduce costs in their business. One of the best ways to get eyeballs on your product is to produce content which attracts potential customers and leads to conversions. It can be difficult to get into a flow state of producing content regularly and knowing what to write about however. It is often neglected. In this blog post, I want to give you some more information on APIs and why you might consider using a content writing tool with an API such as Content Villain to help you with your content writing needs.

What is an API?

An API is a set of routines, protocols, and tools for accessing and interacting with data or services. APIs can be simple, encapsulated protocols for simple data exchange, or they can be complex, multi-layer architectures with additional services. That is probably a bit of a high level definition, thank you AI! In simple terms, it is a way to interact with processes without using an interface.

A good way of looking at an API is to think about social media. If I want to create a post on Facebook or Twitter, I go to their website, signin to my account and then create the post. I am using the interface of their website to do this. Both Facebook and Twitter also offer API access so you can build out this process in your own system, i.e. bypass the need to go to the website.

Why you might use an API

Bringing this back to content generation and creating content with API access and you might be thinking, why would I want to create content with an API? It is a valid question and if you are creating content on a larger scale then it can be a way to create more content faster than ever before. One of the ways that we see users using our API is to create product descriptions at scale by hooking up basic information in Google Sheets and then getting an AI generated product description in the next cell.

We've also worked extensively with outbound emails / cold calling agencies to create icebreakers. By entering a few details about their prospects, the AI technology can come up with a nice icebreaker to put into their conversations which provides more personalization than simply using the same template each time. Our API documentation is also pretty extensive for creating full blog posts. Endpoints exist for blog introductions, sections and conclusions. Creating an outline of the type of content you want to create and then feeding it into those endpoints can be incredibly powerful.

Customization of API

One of the things that gets us super excited is building out custom solutions for our customers. Building out custom models for our clients is a big part of our business and something we enjoy doing. Every time we build something meaningful and see the joy it brings to our clients shows that we are really making a difference. With these customized solutions, we always offer the ability to get the endpoint for what you need and to get the data in the format you need it.

If you have any specific requirements for the API and the structure of the data, please do reach out. Our team is very happy to nerd out on AI and help you with something that can make a real impact in your business.

View our Documents

Content Villain's artificial intelligence API documentation can be seen here. I'll let you in on a little secret with all of this - Content Villain is primarily a low code project. We very much enjoy helping others make use of these documents regardless of skill level. It can be intimidating at first to get to grips with an API but we have tried to write our documentation in such a way that it is easily accessible.

Over time, we will continue to add to our documentation. You can also use Content Villain's artificial intelligence API via Pabbly, Integromat, Zapier, N8n or any of these similar tools. A native Zapier integration is currently in beta (contact us to try it out!) and the others can be used with their webhook functionality.

Content Generation APIs are New

In conclusion, I hope you feel a little more informed about APIs and content generation with artificial intelligence. APIs have been around for quite a while now but using them for creating content is still a fairly new phenomenon. Content Villain has created easy to use API documentation to help beginners get started quickly. We hope you find it useful! If you are interested in trying out Content Villain, we'd love to help you with your content creation needs, signup today for our $5 test drive or become a Power User and start using our API immediately!