Introducing Blank Canvas for Artificial Intelligence

Introducing Blank Canvas for Artificial Intelligence

Being able to produce useful content with Content Villain has always been our aim. We run more experiments than anyone else and create more models than anyone else. Sometimes, we think that some of the skills we have learnt can be transferred to our customers and that sharing some knowledge of how custom models can be created will empower our users to create more powerful content for their businesses. The evolution of this is offering a blank canvas. This is incredibly powerful and can be used in a variety of ways. In this blog post, we'll go over what this tool is, what is possible and some of our future plans for it.

What is a blank canvas?

Put simply, we are giving you access to a raw model which you can do what you like with. You can use it to continue the writing that you create and as a writing assistant. You could use it to follow patterns. One of the things that I like to make clear to users when we are discussing custom models with them is that this technology is truly awesome. It is not at the stage though where it will take over the world. Very clever with what it can do but behind all the fanciness is patterns and logic. You are able to teach these models what you want them to do and they will follow the pattern. The models are only as good as the inputs they receive and will try to replicate any outputs based on the training data provided. This is what makes the blank canvas so exciting.

It is very simple to start building something out with our blank canvas for artificial intelligence. For best results when building out a model for yourself on this tool, we'd recommend the following;

  1. Tell it what you want it to do at the top. If this is write an exciting product description. Tell it that. If you want it to write a poem or a song lyric tell it. Added bonus for remaining polite, karma is a great thing even though you are talking with an AI!
  2. Think about what you want it to base the information it creates come from. These will be your inputs. For example, for a product description, you may want to put in the title of the product and then brief description of what it is. Put these into the blank canvas and fill in the information.
  3. Now you may be thinking, press generate or use the shortcut and it'll create awesome content in no time. Hold tight! Not just yet. Based on the inputs that you have provided, now on a new line, write what you would expect as the output. It is very important to take some time and really craft this in a unique and special way. When we say earlier that it is all about patterns, we mean it. Any future outputs that the AI creates will take what you have written into consideration and try to replicate a similar content length and style.
  4. Repeat steps 2 and 3 a few times to give it more examples and data of what you expect it to output. Think like the artificial intelligence. Take inspiration from your own inputs and then create the outputs based on them adding in the special formula that makes your content awesome.
  5. Now that you have a few examples together of what you'd like the AI to do, it is time for the magic to happen. On a new line now, enter your input titles and the input entries to go along with them. Go to a new line and ask the blank canvas to generate.

What you should find now is that the AI follows the pattern from the previous. It takes into account the teaching that you have given it and it will give you a relevant output based on the data that has been provided. This is a raw product at this stage so it might run over and start the next one in the pattern which is fine, simply delete the overspill. Equally if you are creating a lot of text, it might stop halfway through the process due to character limitations. Congratulations, you just made your first raw AI model. Easy wasn't it!

What is the future of this?

For us, we love experiments and this is a chance to give some of our experimental mindset to our users to have a play and have fun. Aside from the experiments, this is a super powerful new tool and one which we will be supporting more going forward with added features and ability to save your own models into your account for your use when you need them. Equally, we understand some users will tinker with this a lot more than others and they may want to share what they create with the community. This is going to be the beginnings of our marketplace where you can browse all model creations that a user has made public and pick and choose which ones you would like to have access to on your account. This will start as a free add-on but we may give users the right to monetize their creations at a later point.

We will also be creating different models and more educational content as we continue to evolve and experiment with the blank canvas. It gives the power of AI into your hands and lets you have the power to really experiment. We're all for pushing AI into the mainstream and it has so many applications for businesses of all sizes. The restrictive approach and unnecessary filters put on some technology is disappointing. Our product is for adults and adults should be able to experiment with technology if what they do does not break any laws.

Where can I access the blank canvas for artificial intelligence?

Try it out today. It is live on the app. If you log in and from the dashboard you can search for Blank Canvas, alternatively it is under our Long Form Content category. Star it in your account and it will always appear at the top for your easy use. We can't wait to see what you build and have had a lot of fun conversations with customers about how exciting and innovative this tool will become and really accelerate how AI can be used by businesses of every size! The blank canvas is available on our warrior plan and above. If you would like to try out Content Villain, signup for one of our free trials today!