Rephrase Content with NLP Models

Rephrase Content with NLP Models

Being able to rephrase or spin articles comes up a lot as a requested feature. You often get users who either want to rephrase short passages of text or full articles. The challenge is determining how to make everyone comfortable using Content Villain and I think we have a great solution for you with something we have just launched this week. In this blog, I want to show you how you can use Content Villain to rephrase text in a variety of ways and how by using natural language processing you can use Content Villain as a great alternative to Quillbot or a great alternative to Spin Rewriter.

When we talk about rephrasing, it is important to understand exactly what this entails. When you rephrase something, the most common way of doing it is to spin out synonyms and change them for different words. Bots exist which do this and it isn't anything new. The problem you will have with a spinning bot which is literally programmed to just spin out synonyms is that it takes no context of the wider text and doesn't look or care for the text to make sense or not. This is the challenge of a rewriting tool. How can I rewrite my text whilst keeping it readable and making sense? It is a challenge and something that a lot of companies are trying to solve.

Using artificial intelligence for this job is like a match made in heaven. Using artificial intelligence for rewriting and rephrasing content has the benefits of switching out words but still providing text in a legible way. I will be the first to admit that artificial intelligence is not perfect for this job though. The problems with using artificial intelligence for text rewriting is that you are somewhat limited by the inputs. Every natural language model will have a maximum input which is often less than 600 words. OpenAI's GPT-3 put a 400 character maximum on the amount of text you can rephrase at a time so for longer texts another solution needs to be found.

What is your aim for using a text rephraser? This is of course another question that you need to think about. Are you looking for an output from a rephraser or rewriter that you can stick straight into a blog or article without further editing? Are you happy to spend a bit of time to editing it? It is important to answer these questions for yourself when approaching these tools. Content Villain has the approach to provide you multiple options for rephrasing text and these will help you to rephrase text from a short length using latest technology artificial intelligence to rewriting up to 10,000 characters at a time using more of a spinning tool. You will find all of these within the dashboard of your Content Villain app.

  1. Text Rephraser Long - This model enables you to rephrase text up to 10,000 characters. Whilst it isn't using artificial intelligence for the task, we thought it was a useful addition to our users to quickly rewrite articles and blog posts. It is important to note that whilst you can rephrase a lot of content at once, this is pretty much a spinning tool and the output will require editing. You are able to set words not to rephrase before you hit the rephrase button so you can create better results by spending more time reading the content you want to rephrase before feeding it in and determining the best way to do it. In short, this model works but will require heavy editing and is not something that you would use and then push that content immediately live.
  2. Text Rephraser Short - This model is using an NLP model which lets you choose the tone of your rephrasing. It can be a bit creative and more wild with the output so it is worth checking out what the output looks like prior for further use. It gives you the options of adding tones to your rephrased content and is something a little different. Definitely a fun model to play around with for short form rewording.
  3. NLP Rephraser - This model uses a cutting edge NLP model trained specifically for rephrasing and rewriting content. You may find that the outputs are similar to the original but will be tweaked in such a way that the grammar may be changed, the sentences are shorter or longer and some of the words have been switched and changed around. It is a pretty comprehensive model providing you up to 4 outputs at a time and can be used with our API to provide even more than that! One of our more comprehensive models in these terms.

How will you use Content Villain to rephrase or rewrite your content? SIgn up today for a free trial of our full web app!