Speed up Content Creation with Saved Inputs

Speed up Content Creation with Saved Inputs

Here at Content Villain, we are all about making your content writing faster, more efficient and better than ever before. We understand that this is your goal when you come to Content Villain and we need to make the content creation process as fast and simple as possible. Using an AI writing assistant should not have to be difficult and if we are automating the AI to write some content for us, surely we should make the inputs easy to use and reuse across all of our models? Well, now we have that. In this post, I'll show you why this can speed up your content creation like never before!

You are probably wondering what has changed then? Put simply, we did a lot of structural changes to our web app over the last few weeks. We deleted a lot of the pages and made all the generators work on the same page. This increases the speed of going from generator to generator. We also made changes to how you can create inputs. Every input will have a small icon at the end. Click on this icon and it will load up the last 10 inputs you have used. Click on the input that you want to use for the model you have open and it will automatically enter it into the input box. Pretty cool!

Here you can see the icon to get the history of the inputs and clicking on any of these will automatically add them to the input field.

How does this help? Well, from speaking with our users, it is often the case that people come to Content Villain and are working to get content for their product or service and use a variety of the models at the same time so by making use of the history of inputs and having the product details already set up you can quickly go from model to model and not have to repeat typing in the inputs. Speed and automation is very important to us here at Content Villain and being able to create content with as little friction as possible is a massive win.

An example of using this would be if you are an ecommerce store owner and you want to get a variety of text about a product very quickly. You can enter the title and description of the product. You could then bounce around the models, go for the ecommerce description, landing page text, Facebook ad title, Facebook ad description, LinkedIn ad text, Google ad text and bang, you are ready to push that product live with minimal effort!

We can't wait to see what you create with Content Villain, if you are interested in creating better content, faster with the help of AI, signup for a free trial of Content Villain today, the premium AI writing assistant.