Structure your Content with The Compiler

Structure your Content with The Compiler

Today we are announcing a new feature for the Content Villain web app called The Compiler. What is The Compiler? What does it allow me to do? How do I use it? Lots of questions which we'll be sure to answer within this blog post. The main point is really to think of The Compiler as your editor when mashing together different pieces of content you have saved to your account. Mix & match your saved content to create extended and more long form pieces.

What is The Compiler?

Put simply, The Compiler allows you to join together your saved outputs in Content Villain to create longer text. We always make the point that Content Villain is a writing assistant and is best used in the hands of someone who makes content for a living. It is your assistant, not replacement. To use The Compiler, you will need to use our models, select the outputs that you like, make any edits or tweaks and then save them to your account. Once saved, they are ready to use and be compiled into a longer form document. It is just another way of working with content that we think provides tremendous value.

How do I use it?

The Compiler is pretty easy to use. We'll be making a shortcut to The Compiler in the menu bar. This will enable you to quickly navigate to the page. Here you will be able to see all of your saved content, filter that content by project or model type and hit a button to insert that content into the long form editor. There will be a word count at the top so you know how long your text is and you can combine any number of your saved outputs in this way. In the video above, you can see that I have previously saved a blog introduction, multiple section writer outputs and a blog conclusion to my saved content. In The Compiler I add each of these in order to quickly give me a draft blog post which I can use for my content needs.

Will it write a full article / blog post / story?

The Compiler is a place to compile your content. We don't put any AI writing within the page itself although this could change in the future. You could create a full article, blog post or story by using our different models, saving them to a project and then compiling them via this page. This is something we'll be creating more content for and more educational guides on how to do this best. We are always interested in feedback and suggestions on how we can improve our features so if you do want to input, just contact us.

When can I use The Compiler?

The team are finishing up the final touches to this new feature. It will be going live over the weekend of 24th July '21 and we invite all Content Villain users to give it a try and tell us how you get on. Combining the different parts of a blog and then compiling them is extremely powerful and creates a super fast workflow. If you are interested in trying Content Villain but are yet to signup, take advantage of our $5 unlimited test drive for 5 days offer today. We'd love to help you with writing better content, faster.