The Dangers of Procrastination whilst Creating Content

The Dangers of Procrastination whilst Creating Content

Procrastination is a very difficult obstacle for many people. It is an ongoing battle for many people to resist the temptation of putting off doing something that needs to be done. It seems like an easy task, but it can be very difficult to not start writing your paper or essay the night before it is due! In this blog, I discuss the dangers of procrastination and why it is so hard to resist.

Why Writing can be Difficult

There are a few reasons why people find creating content and writing so difficult. Often it is caused by thinking too much about what you are wanting to do and getting overwhelmed with the size of the challenge or project in front of you. This irrational response stumps you from getting started and that is not a good place to be. If you fail to start then you are going to have difficulty getting the full project done to any quality. You need to tweak your mindset and think about things differently. The easiest way to get started with writing is to make a plan. Plan it out into smaller chunks and it becomes a lot more manageable.

If you leave creating content or writing to the last minute and close to a deadline then you are going to end up rushing it and not producing the quality that you can do otherwise. When making your plan, understand exactly when the content is required to be completed and then you can break it down into chunks which are more easy to manage. Of course, using a tool like Content Villain to give you that extra help is a smart move as artificial intelligence is here to help you in your content writing needs.

What is the Key to Writing a Successful Piece of Content?

Put simply, getting started with it will put you ahead of those who haven't done that. Usually once you start something, you activate a trigger in your brain which will enable you to subconsciously think about the next steps and this subconscious behavior helps you to get it completed. Think of it like this, have you ever been working on something and reached a brick wall during the evening after spending hours trying to get it to completion? I know I certainly have! When this happens, it is a good idea to take a walk or get some rest and just take your mind away from it. You will be surprised at the effects this can have. I often have gone to sleep frustrated with not being able to get something completed, I then wake up the next day and finish it within 5 minutes.

Tasks and to-do lists are also super important but I tend to see people use these incorrectly. Put too much down on a task list and you will get overwhelmed and find it hard to do anything. Be realistic with what you can do in a day. Generally I find that a good number for tasks for a day is in the 3 to 5 range. Anything more than this and you are overwhelmed and won't finish them all. Your brain gets a kick when you hit complete on a task. It is a great feeling. To keep a healthy mindset, create a list which is realistic but challenging to do in a day. This is going to leave you feeling great when you are done and ensure you don't have any negativity towards your work or worry going into the evening with tasks still pending.

How to Avoid Procrastination with Writing Content?

It is difficult to keep a positive mindset but crucially important. You need to think positive, you need to remember why you are writing content and ultimately you need to enjoy the journey. Surrounding yourself with negativity will only make yourself more negative. Likewise, surrounding yourself with positivity will ensure you are in a better mental state to get work done. Of course that isn't the only thing which is important. There are many things that contribute to being productive and avoiding procrastination whilst writing content.

Diet, sleep and exercise are also crucial to getting the most out of yourself. Eat well, sleep well and move well and your body will be humming along. You have to think of your body as an engine and by giving it the love and attention it deserves you can really transform into a productivity machine. Of course, using the right tools helps you to avoid procrastination. Using Content Villain will help you avoid writer's block and actually get a start on the content you are creating. Often the start is the hardest part and once you smash through that barrier, the rest becomes easy.

Writing can be Stressful

There is no doubt that writing can be stressful. It can be difficult working towards deadlines. Creating the quality that you know you can produce under a tight deadline makes falling into the trap of procrastination very easy. I hope that this simple blog post has been useful in understanding how procrastination can be overcome. This whole blog post is an example of procrastination. I used Content Villain to generate the title, I used it for the introduction and I used it for the outline. I even used Content Villain to create the start of this conclusion section. If I can use Content Villain to write a full blog post, you can also have great success using it for your content needs. If you haven't already, signup today for a free trial. We'd love to see you level up your content creation.