Update to our Web Application

Update to our Web Application

We hope you are enjoying our new cleaner layout for writing content with Content Villain. With the new dashboard, it is easier than ever to post content on your blog or website. Check out our new article layout in the dashboard and see what you think. You may be wondering what this new dashboard brings that we didn't have before and this blog post aims to show some of the new features and how this is a great improvement for writing content with the help of artificial intelligence.

Folder Management

If you want to keep your documents organized, you should know how to properly manage your folders. Anything can be organized in a folder so you can separate different projects and businesses and know how to easily find anything that you have been working on. You can create unlimited folders in your account and bring some real strcuture to your content creation by keeping all related documents together.

AI Generators

The generator models provide unique features to any document. There are unique features for different formats on each model. By using all of the generator models you will be able to produce quality content. All of our generator models are available on individual documents. Simply choose which one, enter your input fields and get a solid AI generated output. You can then choose which of these to add directly to your document. Very simply and very easy to start layering different content creations on top of each other to get a better document experience.

Content History

But that is not all. We also keep a history of all your previous generations. You can use these in a similar way by browsing their generations and simply choosing one to add to your document. Having the ability to draw on your whole history of generated outputs is an incredibly powerful tool.

AI models are becoming more and more advanced. If you want to use AI for specific purposes then customization is key. AI models can be made specifically for your needs and is one of the features that Content Villain excels in. We have built hundreds of models for different customers and there is no better way to get content directly tailored to your business than going through this process. You can see more information on that process here.

Translation Rebuilt

Translating documents in a language you don't know can be a struggle. Translating a document is a tedious and time consuming process. Our system is easy to use and allows you to translate your document in a matter of clicks. A totally rebuilt translating function enables you to quickly translate your document into 25+ languages and then you can even use the write for me functionality to continue writing in that language.

Productive Focus Music

Environment is important for writing quality content, so we added music controls in the software. This allows the listener to change playlist and choose some music to accompany their writing directly within Content Villain. Gone are the days when you fumble around YouTube or Spotify looking for something and then keep getting distracted by different tabs. Now you can actually write quality without distractions and have some awesome music to keep your brain focused.

Try it out today!

In today's blog post I have outlined our improvements to the design and UX of Content Villain. This is a step in the right direction of making writing more efficient and creating a smoother experience for you! We now simplify content editing to create better quality and quicker with this new UX! Our process looks even easier now than ever before, signup for Content Villain today if you want to get exclusive access to these features.